New app to manage your pumping

Louise Smyth

New Atlas pump is designed for conveying, clamping, drying processes or environmental applications. Using the newly developed VSD+ App, users can now set and access the relevant parameters of the vacuum pump quickly and in real time via iOS or Android devices.

Atlas Copco has equipped the three models of the DZS 100, 200 and 400 VSD+ series with corrosion-resistant materials in order to be well equipped for harsh application environments. For this purpose, they also have a durable internal coating. "This means we have designed the vacuum pump specifically for a long service life under robust process conditions," explained Alexander Frerichs, Product Manager for Atlas Copco’s Dry Vacuum Pumps.

In addition, the design principle requires uncomplicated maintenance: "For example, cleaning or replacing the pump claws does not require complex gearbox stripping and retiming," explained Frerichs. “This allows quick access to the inside of the pump by our service technicians or by the end customer. This simplifies, for example, the removal of product residues. No new synchronisation is necessary during the subsequent assembly. This results in short downtimes and low service costs for the operator.”

No oil-induced contamination

A VSD+ inverter drive is integrated in the motors to control the pumps. This allows the optimum performance points of the claw pump to be specifically controlled and power consumption to be reduced. This function ensures that energy is saved, and the carbon footprint is reduced. Sustainability is also ensured in the immediate process environment: the completely oil-free DZS VSD+ pumps certified to ISO 8573-1 Class 0 and are completely harmless to the quality of the ambient air during operation. This eliminates the risk of oil-induced contamination and damage to sensitive applications and products in the environment. 

With the newly developed VSD+ App, users have quick access to numerous parameters. Via the iOS and Android devices, values such as inlet pressure, rotor speed, running hours and service intervals can be monitored and controlled at a glance in real time. The VSD+ App also makes it easy to commission the DZS VSD+ vacuum pump - via the three parameters target pressure, start/stop delay and stop level. When the pump is started, the VSD+ App automatically connects via Bluetooth. Once the desired values have been entered, the DZS 100 - 400 VSD+ series starts operation immediately.


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