New valve aimed at hygienic applications

Jon Lawson

SPX Flow has announced the release of the new CU4plus control unit for its next generation APV/Waukesha Cherry Burrell D4 Series double-seat mix-proof valve. With fully integrated seat lift detection, the new control unit coupled with the state-of-the-art D4 Series hygienic valve is a useful combination.

The CU4plus control unit has completely internal sensors to detect all critical valve positions, so the electronics are secure from damage during handling and washdown. For rapid commissioning, the unit incorporates the proven ‘Teach-in’ function, which enables reliable set-up of valve position and feedback with the push of a button. 
Chris Sinutko, Global Product Manager - Valves, Food & Beverage at SPX Flow, commented: “This is a natural expansion to the options available with our D4 Series mix-proof valves. The new control unit gives added security and functionality for hygienic applications. With its fully-integrated seat lift detection design, it also addresses the pain points with external sensors being exposed to the environment.”

The new control unit utilises AS-i bus protocol and is suitable for all D4 Series valve types. It can also be retrofitted to existing D4 installations. The company additionally offers a straightforward upgrade insert to change from the previous generation DA3+ to DA4 Series technology, which can now also incorporate the CU4plus control top.


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