New series of level indicators

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With the introduction of BM26A-8000, Krohne completes the market launch of the new BM26A series of magnetic level indicators (MLI) in 2023. Replacing the previous generation, the devices are designed according to specific industry needs.

Initially introduced in 1955, the BM26 series has been one of the longest running designs of level measurement instruments. With over 65 years of experience in manufacturing and application of this device type, Krohne developed the current generation to be the most versatile and competitive MLI series on the market. While the rugged design has not changed, a wide range of options have been added, and former special designs are now available as standard.

BM26A is available for measuring ranges from 0.3 m / 1 ft up to 5.5 m / 18 ft (other dimensions on request). Accessories and options include e.g. valves, thermal insulation, various materials, limit switches, hazardous area approvals, interface measurement, or designs for extreme operating conditions. Depending on the application, communication options for BM26A reach from local indication without external power supply to optional reed switches or reed-chain level transmitters providing analogue or digital output signals.

The new BM26A-8000 for redundant level measurement in liquid applications is available in two versions: the BM26A-8000-TWIN consists of a double measuring chamber with one chamber featuring a flapper indication, and the other one acting as a bypass chamber equipped with a TDR guided radar, FMCW radar or displacer level transmitter.

The BM26A-8000-BI version features a unique measuring chamber with two compartments, one for the OPTIFLEX 7200 TDR transmitter probe and one for the float moving next to it.

By adding a reed-chain transmitter to these assemblies, the operator can compare the measuring values of the assembled radar level transmitter to those of the reed chain transmitter directly in the control room. This allows for redundant measurement as both technologies operate independently and uninfluenced from each other, providing a high degree of process safety in critical applications.

The BM26A-8000 can thus be the ideal choice for steam cycle applications in power plants, storage tanks with dangerous chemicals, separators in the oil and gas industry as well as a wide range of other level and interface applications. Depending on the selected configuration, the magnetic level indicator can also be used in safety-related applications up to SIL 2/3.

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