New radar level transmitter

Louise Davis

Krohne has introduced a new radar level transmitter for bypass chambers and magnetic level indicators, the Optiwave 1010. The two-wire FMCW radar level transmitter is designed as a cost-effective solution for the continuous level measurement of liquids in bypass applications in various industries, including chemical, power, water and wastewater, and automotive.

Optiwave 1010 can be combined with the Krohne BM 26 Advanced bypass chambers and magnetic level indicators (MLI), thereby adding a 20mA HART output to the mechanical devices. The combinations can be conveniently ordered as a whole, for example, as BM 26 W1010 (Optiwave 1010 welded to BM 26 Advanced). Alternatively, it can be welded on any bypass chamber with internal diameter 38-56mm. Thus it is also an ideal solution for other MLI manufacturers to add a level radar measurement option to their product range.

The new transmitter is competitively priced to replace reed chains, magnetostrictive and simple TDR transmitters that are typically used with bypass chambers or MLIs. In addition to a measuring accuracy of ±5mm, the FMCW principle offers a much better overall accuracy in bypass applications; while reed chain and magnetostrictive principles are measuring the float position which depends on the product density, the FMCW radar directly measures the liquid surface.

Application range for the new product includes almost any liquids with process temperatures ≤150°C up to 40 barg and measuring ranges up to 8m. With clean liquids of dielectric constant εr ≥ 3 the device measures the surface directly, for εr < 3, a float with target is used. 

Optiwave 1010 features a dual process seal system that allows for removal of the converter under process conditions. The two-wire loop-powered HART device is pre-configured in the factory and is delivered ready to use. Application-specific adjustments are possible via HART/DD and DTM.