Developing devices for the Internet of Things

Paul Boughton

Embedded tool developer IAR Systems has teamed up with Renesas to support the Synergy platform for developing devices for the Internet of Things.

This will allow developers using Synergy to start product development at a much higher level of abstraction and be able to focus on designing new and differentiated features for embedded applications and connected devices and still benefit from the high-performance code created by the IAR C/C++ Compiler.

Recent development has been rapid in the embedded market, says IAR, leading towards more connectivity and globalised development teams. Combined with increased demands for more time-efficient, less costly projects, this trend has created urgent needs for simplified development workflows with high customisation possibilities and without geographical limitations. Easy-to-use, integrated and flexible code build and debug tools for IoT and other applications are now being as part of a complete all-inclusive solution platform.

The Synergy platform combines qualified software with a new family of MCUs and an ecosystem of tools and support options into one scalable and secure platform. As it is a fully integrated product and not a set of separately sourced software and hardware components, Renesas provides technical support and licensing for the platform, and has to work more closely with tool suppliers for a full flow from system architecture down to the code debug. General availability of the first products in the Renesas Synergy Platform is scheduled for the end of 2015.

Renesas Synergy will revolutionise the embedded market in the way it exists today, as well as provide a platform for an emerging market segment of connected devices in the Internet of Things,” says Stefan Skarin, CEO, IAR Systems. “Thanks to our technological leadership position and strong brand, we are able to develop strong relationships with both customers and partners. Our successful partnership with Renesas has made us part of this exciting new solution that creates long-term customer value for developers working with IoT and other connected areas. Together, we provide them with simplified development workflows and high customisation possibilities, even in global development teams.”

“Our strong co-operation with IAR Systems has enabled us to fortify Renesas Synergy with maximum performance and ease of use,” says Ali Sebt, Senior Vice President at Renesas Electronics. “The days for engineering teams to spend valuable time writing low-level peripheral drivers and complex communication stacks are over. With the Renesas Synergy Platform, we enable them to start designing at the software API level without the need to build any baseline functionality. By providing developers with IAR Systems’ powerful build tools, we ensure that they are able to deliver differentiated products that perform at the highest capacity.”