Smart touch display computer range expands

Jon Lawson

Endrich has expanded its range of touch display computers.

The DLogic models are designed for implementation into industrial equipment, appliances, vending machines, marine applications, trucking, healthcare devices and are suitable for indoor, outdoor and harsh environments. 

They feature a colour display, a projected capacitive touch sensor and an embedded computer in a stainless steel housing with an aluminium frame creating a rugged assembly protecting the sensitive parts. They come with many standard interfaces and are configured with Linux ready for loading and running the applications. 

They include an  Ultra-wide angle TFT LCD display with high brightness LED backlight and optically bonded optional safety glass. The software support package includes HTML5, JAVA, QT, 2D, 3D graphics and video playback features. Development kits are available in many sizes.

They are available in two major series in various sizes: the ‘i’ models are equipped with NXP/Freescale Industrial i.MX6ULL Cortex A7 ARM microprocessors and the more enhanced ‘x’ families are organised around the NXP/Freescale Automotive i.MX6DL Dual Core Cortex A9. Both offer 1GB DDR3L SDRAM, 2MB NOR Flash and different sizes of e.MMC flash drives.

For special or unusual applications, custom solutions can be offered, with special housing and mounting solutions, display and touch panel alterations, additional external interfaces, software board support enhancements and software application development including graphical user interface (GUI) design.