Cut setting time for guide pad tools

Paul Boughton

The EasyAdjust system from precision cutting tool company MAPAL reduces the setting time for guide pad tools with indexable inserts. The system also enhances handling and process reliability, while fully maintaining the high level of machining accuracy that is the hallmark of MAPAL tools.

At the heart of the EasyAdjust system is a novel cassette that holds inserts with four or six cutting edges securely and without play. The back taper of the minor cutting edge is automatically set by the cassette, which means the time that would be required for setting this manually is entirely eliminated. Because of the accurate guidance provided by a precision guide pin, the back taper remains constant even during diameter adjustments.

Matching cassettes and clamping jaws are available for a range of different back tapers, allowing the EasyAdjust system to be readily matched to the application. In all cases, secure mounting of the indexable blade is assured by a stable force closure system incorporating a groove and clamping technology.

The EasyAdjust system has been shown to significantly increase cost effectiveness in practical applications. HX inserts with six usable cutting edges can be fitted quickly and precisely. With the back taper set automatically, the user needs only to set the diameter. Process reliability is, therefore, increased after insert changes, a benefit that becomes even more apparent when multiple inserts are used in a tooling solution.

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