Solid carbide drills for challenging applications

Paul Boughton

Featuring a novel design with three cutting edges, solid carbide drills in the new Tritan range from MAPAL have been developed specifically for use in the most challenging drilling applications, such as through boring and the dry machining of aluminium.

Thanks to smart lead geometry that provides low cutting pressure and excellent chip removal, Tritan drills not only deliver superior results compared with conventional drills in these problematic applications, but also allow up to twice the feed rate to be used.

The drills have highly generous point thinning machined into the chip space, which means that chips experience minimal friction as they are discharged into the drill flutes. As a result, both cutting pressure and edge temperature are low, ensuring that burring is kept to a minimum even when dry drilling aluminium. In addition, the drills have a self-centring chisel edge that bites into the workpiece on first contact and reliably holds accurate position.

Ideal for use in situations where conventional drills have reached their limits, Tritan drills are suitable for applications involving inclined entry into bores and for through boring. In applications of this type, ordinary two-edge drills drift and create significant burring, but Tritan drills remain stable, producing a bore exit that is sharp-edged and burr-free. The drills are also well suited for precise positional drilling involving large projection lengths.

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