Enhanced performance for plastics machining

Paul Boughton

Precision tooling expert MAPAL has developed a new drill optimised to overcome the challenges of thermoplastics drilling.

The Mono-Plastic-Drill is suited for use with PEEK, POM or PA 6, as well as other materials with low thermal conductivity and low melting temperature that make machining difficult.

With the new Mono-Plastic-Drill, manufacturers in a variety of industry sectors can reach new performance levels for machining modern plastic materials.

The Mono-Plastic-Drill has been designed with special properties, including an extremely sharp blade and special point thinning. As a result, bore tolerances up to IT7 are achieved.

To optimally dissipate the heat via the chips, the drill is made of uncoated solid carbide and has a large, polished chip flute. As a result, thanks to the special carbide substrate, the Mono-Plastic-Drill also has exceptional rigidity and wear resistance.

The new solid carbide drill provides excellent performance even in dry drilling conditions, as the geometry and the special chip flute prevent smearing of the material. It addition to using it for plastics machining, the Mono-Plastic-Drill can also be used to machine aluminium parts.

MAPAL’s new Mono-Plastic-Drill is available with a diameter range of 0.97 to 13.03 millimetres and lengths of up to five times its diameter.

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