Alternators achieve CSA compliance across all voltage ranges

Paul Boughton

Cummins Generator Technologies has achieved compliance to CSA standards for its entire range of AvK alternators and can now display the CSA mark as a standard feature on all AvK alternators in low, medium and high voltages.

The CSA mark demonstrates that AvK alternators have been tested and certified to applicable standards of North American regulatory and regulation bodies like the Standard Council of Canada (SCC) and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Cummins customers can now benefit from having their AvK alternators pre-certified by CSA, helping them to streamline their generator set CSA approval process and win in markets that require CSA approval, such as the Canadian oil and gas industry.

The certification covers all AvK alternators, ranging from 600 to 11,000kVA (480 to 8,800kW), which are manufactured at the Cummins large alternator manufacturing facility in Craiova, Romania.

CSA certification for AvK alternators means Cummins now offer CSA and UL approved alternators from their STAMFORD and AvK product ranges, helping customers to solidify a sourcing strategy with an alternator manufacturer that can provide CSA and UL certification on all their brands and power ranges.