New range of low, medium and high voltage alternators

Jon Lawson

Cummins Generator Technologies has developed a standardised range of low, medium and high voltage alternators under its AvK product brand.

AvK alternators, including the new standardised option, are the first in the world to achieve wide-ranging safety certification from UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.). The entire range - from 600 to 11,000kVA - is UL approved enabling OEMs to integrate AvK alternators pre-approved into their generator sets. The range is also Grid Code Ready having been engineered to meet global Grid Code regulations.

The standard pre-engineered machine components which comprise the new range are validated, future-proofed and ready to assemble. Customers therefore benefit from a streamlined ordering process and a lead time to final delivery of up to half that of an ‘engineered to order’ product.

The AvK range standard options include:

Machine type, core length, number of poles, voltage and frequency

Bearing type

Centre height

Foot print

Shaft ending

* Terminal box and Auxiliary Terminal box arrangement

Ingress protection to IP23

Cooling method to IC01

Development of the new AvK standardised alternators range draws on Cummins Generator Technologies’ 100 years’ of experience developing and manufacturing high performance and efficient power generation technology. 

AvK alternators meet the critical needs of various applications - be it in extraction of oil, gas, coal or minerals on land or at sea, continuous power supply, parallel operation in power plants, industrial plants, hospitals and high-rise buildings. Mobile applications include railway vehicles, cranes, marine or wind power, each demanding the highest level of electrical performance. They are suitable to be driven by diesel and gas engines as well as wind, gas and steam turbines.