Alternator features core cooling

Louise Davis

Cummins Generator Technologies has unveiled the STAMFORD S4, the latest addition to its family of alternators.

The new S4 builds on the STAMFORD HC4, and is the first alternator from the S-Range to feature CoreCooling technology. Using thermal, electromagnetic and mechanical components, CoreCooling enables the STAMFORD S4 to deliver up to a 12% increase in power density when compared with its predecessor, the STAMFORD HC4.

Following on from the successful launch of the STAMFORD S0/S1 products, the STAMFORD S4 shares the same modular foot flexibility that facilitates greater compatibility with customers’ existing genset designs and for ease of assembly.

S-Range alternators meet the critical needs of various applications - be it oil and gas auxiliary, combined heat and power, critical protection and UPS, continuous power and standby - each demanding the highest level of performance.

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