Small power supplies now available with DC inputs

Paul Boughton

Siemens' Industry Automation Division has added new functions to its Logo!Power range of miniature power supply units. It has also improved the performance of these products, enhancing the operating efficiency across the entire load range and halving the standby power loss.

The new Logo!Power stabilised power supplies are compatible with their predecessors in terms of installation and connection, and are designed particularly with small distribution boards in mind. They feature a wide-range input of 100-240V AC and now also 110-300V DC. The new product variants with an output voltage of 5, 12, 15 or 24V DC produce 30, 60 or 100W, depending on the model. The 12 and 24V variants are also specially designed to supply the Logo! logic module. These power supply units can be used universally in industrial, residential and special-purpose machinery, and are typically incorporated into machines and control cabinets for applications in the low-end performance range, as well as small equipment and special devices.
With a depth of just 54, 72 or 90mm, the flat Logo!Power units can be integrated into all conventional single-phase power supply networks. They feature a wide-range input without switching, and an individually adjustable output voltage. The operating temperature range starts at -20 and has been extended from +55 to +70 degrees C. The startup behaviour of the power supply units has also been optimised: a reserve capacity of 150 per cent is available for starting capacitive loads. The units are wired simply in protection class II without a protective earthing conductor. For export, they have extensive international certificates, including ATEX, CE, cULus, FM and GL Shipping Approval.
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