750W AC-DC power supplies

Louise Davis

XP Power has unveiled the GSP750 series of 750W AC-DC power supply units, offering high efficiency, a peak power capability of 900W, single outputs, intelligent fan cooling, and industrial and medical safety approvals.

The GSP750 series come in a low-profile 1U-high chassis and 4 x 10-inch footprint unit, and is an excellent choice for designers looking for a fully featured 750W supply in a compact mechanical package with class-leading efficiency.

In addition, for certain applications, the unit’s peak power capability of 900W could offer reduced expenditure for companies rather than implementing a power supply that is rated for continuous operation at more than 750W.

The series targets OEMs looking to integrate a reliable power supply into medical, industrial, test and measurement and instrumentation applications, especially applications that have peak power demands of up to 900W.

Key applications including surgical, life support, imaging and blood processing products, as well as test and measurement equipment used in industrial markets that requires high power density to save space and enable smaller end products.

The series comprises a trio of models offering respective output voltages of 12, 24 and 48VDC. The series features a 5V standby supply rated at up to 3A output to supply logic circuits,  a key requirement for test and measurement applications.

Compared with competitive models, the GSP750 series offers higher efficiency and a smaller mechanical package with a low profile having the specific dimensions of 254 x 101.6 x 41.9mm.

The series offers a high efficiency of 90 % and a very flat efficiency curve across the entire load range.

The efficiency performance means less dissipated heat leading to a smaller size unit and longer life, as well as less dissipated heat in end equipment. Importantly, the series also meets a range of IT and medical standards including third-edition medical safety and fourth-edition EMC standards; specific standards include IT60950-1 and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 and IEC60601-1.

The range employs resonant topologies throughout the design to minimise losses and reduce noise, as well as synchronous rectification to further reduce losses and enhance efficiency.

Units in the series also feature intelligent variable-speed load-dependent fans to optimise acoustic noise, which is very important in low-profile applications.

The fans also shut off at loads below 50 W, when end equipment is in standby mode, extending fan life and further reducing noise levels.

Other specifications include: power-fail signal; signal level control of output; always-on 5V output to supply logic circuits; output good LED; and remote sense and current sharing for up to three units.

The series’ continuous output power of 750 W is delivered over a wide operating temperature range of –40 to +70°C with derating above +50°C.