Data acquisition system handles 28 channels at high sampling rate

Paul Boughton
Kistler is launching a new data acquisition (DAQ) system, known as the Type 5697A… system, for recording data in research and development laboratory applications. It is suitable for acquiring and evaluating up to 28 channels at a high sampling rate. The system is supported by data acquisition and evaluation software Dynoware Type 2825A...., which runs under Windows Vista and Windows 7.
The acquisition box, which holds the Hasp key (dongle) with runtime license, controls the charge amplifier or signal conditioner directly via an RS-232C interface. A USB 2.0 interface makes the system independent of PCI and PCMCIA interfaces. Power is supplied via a robust Binder connector and measurements can be started remotely via the D-sub connector incorporated in the acquisition box.
Kistler says the new version of Dynoware is designed primarily for measuring forces with dynamometers or single- or multi-component sensors. It includes different functions for online visualisation, signal evaluation and calculation, individual documentation and saving of configuration and measurement data. It configures and controls all Kistler laboratory charge amplifiers and signal conditioners, now also including the single-channel charge amplifier Type 5018A… and multichannel amplifier Type 5080A….
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