Three-axis sensors now available for lower loads

Paul Boughton

New three-component force links are being introduced by Kistler for applications such as the determination of dynamic forces on vibrating tables and for product testing in industry and the laboratory. The compact, preloaded Force Link sensors are sealed in a stainless-steel housing. They measure tension and compression forces extremely accurately, regardless of their point of application. Kistler now offers the advantages of its series of three-component force links Type 93x7C, which has been updated since 2007, for smaller measuring ranges as well. The new preloaded three-component Type 9327C… extends the Force Link range downwards.

The new, more rigid Type 9327C with a measuring range of Fz = +/-8kN and a wide useful frequency range replaces the existing Types 9327A and 9328A, and supplements the existing series consisting of Type 9377C (measuring range Fz = +/-150kN), Type 9367C (Fz = +/-60kN) and Type 9347C (Fz = +/-30kN). With the same compact dimensions of 42x42x42mm as its predecessor, the Type 9327C offers extended measuring ranges of Fx,y = +/-4kN (previously +/-2.5kN) and Fz = +/- 8kN (previously +/-5kN).
In addition to these higher measuring ranges, improvements over its predecessor include reduced crosstalk, better linearity, less hysteresis, a temperature range significantly extended to -40 to 120 degrees C and the optional IP67 protection.
A key component of the three-component Force Links Type 93x7C is their three-component force sensors Type 90x7C. Calibrating the force sensor preloaded between a base plate and a cover plate produces a three-component force link Type 93x7 ready for immediate use.
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