Flexible data acquisition system

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imc Test & Measurement, a brand of Axiometrix Solutions, launched its new modular data acquisition system imc ARGUSfit today. The imc ARGUSfit base unit and additional amplifier and fieldbus interface modules, such as CAN FD, can simply be clicked together providing ultimate flexibility in vehicle and machine testing and monitoring. With this modularity, the imc ARGUSfit can be perfectly tailored to changing test environments, and the extremely compact size makes it ideal for applications in confined spaces. For distributed measurements, modules can also be connected via fiber optic cable which allows flexible and robust instrumentation. In this way, measurement modules can be placed close to the sensor, to reduce noise and interferences and spare expensive cabling. With a total data rate of 5 Msps, channel counts up to 1000, and sampling rates of up to 500 kS/s per channel, imc ARGUSfit is imc's most powerful data acquisition system to date. An integrated microSD card slot provides data storage capabilities in stand-alone mode while an additional UPS unit can buffer short-term power failures. Integrated real-time processing, imc Online FAMOS, allows the execution of data analyses during live measurements. Imc’s product launch included the imc ARGUSfit ICPU-6, a measurement module for ICP type transducers such as accelerometers and microphones, and the universal imc ARGUSfit voltage amplifier UTI-6 as part of the new data acquisition series. imc ARGUSfit modules can be seamlessly integrated with modules from the imc CANSASfit series, expanding measurement possibilities beyond the new system's boundaries. And as usual with imc, imc ARGUSfit can be synchronized with all other imc systems in one measurement.

The modularity concept of the new imc ARGUSfit data acquisition system makes it possible to pair the imc ARGUSfit base unit with measurement and Fieldbus modules by click-connect and without an additional cable connection. In conjunction with the fiber optic system bus extender, this allows numerous combinations of centralized or distributed setups that can be individually adapted to the testing needs on vehicle and machine prototypes. Since imc ARGUSfit is compatible with the imc CANSASfit and its HISO series for data acquisition in HV environments, comprehensive measurement solutions that record channels with low- and high-speed sampling rates can be realized. The new imc ARGUSfit modules ICPU-6 for recording ICP accelerometers and the UTI-6 for measuring voltage, current, and RTD (PT100 and 1000) can be used in setups where high speed and high channel count applications are sought after such as turbine testing, condition monitoring, wind tunnel testing, or even in HV environments. Furthermore, it is possible to synchronize the new imc ARGUSfit with any imc data acquisition system.

Both in centralised and distributed measurements, the small module size allows instrumentation close to the sensors and the unique ARGUSfit system bus supports aggregated system data rates of up to 5 Mbps. This is maintained even in distributed data acquisition setups thanks to optical fiber connection. This proves most robust against any possible electromagnetic interference across distances up to 250 m, pioneering applications on buildings, bridges, trains and ships. But also in test stand environments this concept ensures pristine signal quality and reduced cabling costs. With its integrated and most easy to use signal processing platform imc Online FAMOS and in combination with the measurement software imc STUDIO and the post-processing software imc FAMOS, imc ARGUSfit forms a complete solution from sensor to report

The new ARGUSfit data acquisition system is launched in conjunction with the sensor data base imc SIMPLEX, consisting in a mobile app and a 24/7 cloud service, allowing users to organize sensors online identify them via RFID/NFC or QR codes and to directly assign these to measuring channels within the data acquisition software imc STUDIO. This helps the user in saving time, avoid possible errors and assure reliable and well documented results.