1kW RF power amplifier

Paul Boughton

Now available from Link Microtek is a compact RF power amplifier that utilises high-power LDMOS technology to deliver an output of 1kW from an air-cooled 19in. chassis only 5U in height, providing a significant reduction in both size and weight compared with alternative products.

Manufactured by US firm Empower RF Systems Inc, the 2162 unit operates over the frequency range 20 to 1000MHz and is particularly suitable for use in military or commercial EMC test applications where high-power CW, AM, FM or pulse signals need to be generated. The 1kW RF performance is guaranteed across the full bandwidth and operating temperature range of -10 to 50˚C.

The amplifier incorporates comprehensive user interface capabilities, with a touch-screen for local control and an embedded web server that enables the user to carry out remote management and diagnostics simply by connecting the Ethernet port to a LAN or accessing the unit’s IP address via a wireless device.

Protection functions within the built-in control system continuously monitor critical parameters and automatically take any necessary action to avoid damage to the unit. Running Linux as an embedded OS, the control system core supports hardware encryption and includes a non-volatile memory for event recording.

The 2162 amplifier offers excellent broadband performance, with gain specified as a minimum of 63dB at the 1dB gain compression point, a maximum input return loss of -10dB, a typical IP3 of +64dBm, and a maximum noise figure ranging from 15 to 20dB depending on frequency.

For more information, visit www.linkmicrotek.com