Hydrographic Survey

Acoustic tech seeks unexploded ordinance

Deep BV takes delivery of Sonardyne Mini-Ranger 2 positioning equipment to support UXO surveys

Dynamic seismic solutions overcome traditional challenges

The latest seismic survey technologies are helping users to preserve the environment, improve safety and speed up modelling. Eugene McCarthy reports

First of new offshore coastal survey vessel delivered

The Fugro Proteus is the first of three new vessels to be delivered to Fugro in 2014



ROV used on sunken WW2 ship

Survey to ascertain whether ship is likely to become an environmental hazard

Subsea productivity advances using 3D sonar technology

Gareth Simpson looks at the advantages of 3D sonar technology.

Investment and collaborations drive hydrographic survey companies

Eugene McCarthy reports on how survey companies are investing heavily in new equipment and implementing strategic alliances in order to remain competitive

Drive upgrade enhances thruster performance on seismic survey vessels

Upgrade improves the effectiveness and local ability of the ship board maintenance teams

The future is on the sea floor

Dr Chris Walker argues that the oil industry is about to witness a paradigm shift in the utilisation of both re-deployable and permanently installed ocean bottom data.

Panama canal expansion

Ron Kaufmann reports on geophysical investigation along critical portions of the expansion route for the Panama Canal

Deep electromagnetic imaging: from invention to ‘big-three’ adoption in less than a decade

Ken Feather explains how the application of deep EM imaging for detection of hydrocarbons has created a completely new service industry.

Advanced multibeam sonar with equi-distant beamforming

SeaBat 7125 delivers significant survey quality improvements along with time and cost savings for many types of sea operations.

Seismic power sources

Three new seismic power sources; the CSP-D and CSP-P with their special dual voltage output and the CSP-S, a compact ‘all in one’ 6000 Joule power source

Improved reservoir recovery through combined use of seismic and EM measurements

Edwin Danson looks at the impact of upgrades in improved real-time positioning accuracy.

Camera, sonar and transponder technology

Kongsberg Maritime has played significant role development of navigation, underwater positioning and communications

Robust multi-core technology for more accurate and faster mapping

Rugged multi-core computing technology is enabling the generation of more detailed and more accurate bathymetric maps at a faster rate

Satellite navigation technology ‘100 per cent future proof’

Leica Geosystems announces its latest global navigation satellite systems technology, the Leica GPS1200+

Seismic power source ups geohazard survey efficiency

Speed and efficiency are crucial when seismic survey operations take place inside the Arctic Circle

Measurement of sound velocity and what sensor to use

There are currently two methods of obtaining sound speed in the oceans: calculating sound velocity from other physical parameters and measuring sound velocity directly



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