Current profiler boost for ports and terminals

Paul Boughton
The RDCP600 Doppler current profiler for ship berthing applications is from Aanderaa Data Instruments (AADI). A surface tracking feature, whereby vertical measuring zones (bins) can always be referenced to height below the surface, makes the RDCP600 the suitable for port, terminal and dockyard type installations where reference to vessel draft is essential.

In support of the RDCP600, but also applicable to other AADI products such as the Seaguard RCM single point current meter, is new browser based, real-time Data Display Software which provides the data user with a complete picture of the tidal current status along with third party information if required.

The AADI Optode Dissolved Oxygen sensor which has found enormous favour with ocean researchers, water producers and aqua culturists alike, is now available is a fast response version.

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