Precision microwave radar-based wave and sea level sensor

21st February 2013

WaveRadar Rex, for so long the industry standard for wave and sea level monitoring in the demanding offshore oil and gas market, is now seeing applications in coastal civil engineering, offshore wind farm and environmental protection projects.

WaveRadar Rex is a third generation, high precision microwave radar-based wave and sea level sensor manufactured by Rosemount AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. The device is a customised version of its TankRadar REX and is licensed exclusively to RS Aqua Ltd for global distribution to the marine market.

In the UK, 2008 saw the installation of several WaveRadar Rex systems along the south coast as part of the Channel Coastal Observatory’s wave monitoring programme.

The WaveRadar REX is hazardous zone rated, requires no re-calibration and only minimal service attention, making it a suitable sensor for wave monitoring applications aboard fixed structures in remote, inaccessible locations.

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