Self-clinching threaded standoff fasteners

PEM TSO4 Self-clinching threaded standoff fasteners securely stack or space components in ultra-thin stainless steel assemblies

New stainless steel pins

New Stainless Steel PEM® TK™ TackSert® Pins. Ideal Alternatives to Screws for Attaching Thin Panels in Assemblies

One-component epoxy

Supreme 10HTFL. This one-component epoxy offers excellent toughness and thermal cycling capability


Multiline configurator

The multiline configurator makes it easy to combine the diverse options of the modular multiline multiple connector system.

Non-corroding anti-vibration mounts

Stainless steel parts are for hygiene-sensitive industries as well as harsh environments

Streamlined component supply

Large generator design project to benefit

Self-clinching flush-head studs

PEM FHX self-clinching flush-head studs with X-Press thread profile quickly mate with push-on plastic fasteners or wire ties

Zero-risk assembly

Marc Drossaert introduces watertight rivet nut designs that offer carefree sealed fastener solutions

Taking the load off aircraft seating

Revealing how innovative hinge technology is ‘taking off’ in the aviation industry

May the force of the spring be with you

How new springs are saving service time and components at a race car manufacturer

Unlocking design potential

How engineering adhesives are enhancing product design more than you might think

New laser spot and seam welding kit

This can handle stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminium and copper

Self-clinching captive panel screws

Self-clinching captive panel screws enable easy access to stainless steel enclosures without loose-hardware risks

New high performance structural adhesive

Robnor ResinLab launches new high performance structural adhesive

New light curing adhesive

Techsil launch new, flexible, light curing adhesive for PEEK and other hard to bond plastics

Investment in prototyping

Tube machining and joining is now quicker

New Medical Grade Potting Epoxy

Techsil adds epoxy-based adhesive Structalit® 8801 to its portfolio of medical grade adhesives.

Complete plastic composite spring

LeeP™ springs are manufactured in Ultem PEI (polyetherimide) resin



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