Flexible adhesive with precision dispensing reduces production costs

Flexible adhesive with precision dispensing reduces production costs and provides an improved bond

Self-clinching threaded standoff fasteners

PEM TSO4 Self-clinching threaded standoff fasteners securely stack or space components in ultra-thin stainless steel assemblies

New stainless steel pins

New Stainless Steel PEM® TK™ TackSert® Pins. Ideal Alternatives to Screws for Attaching Thin Panels in Assemblies



Miniature fastener solutions

Flaring standoffs for compact electronic assemblies provide ideal miniature fastener solutions to attach and/or space components

The Benefits of Anti Vibration Mounts & Shock Absorbers

New designs are for marine, compressors, engines and pumps

How do you choose the right kind of cam & groove coupling?

Seven major areas to think of to ensure you get the best quality hose assembly

How Can Fastener Failure Be Prevented?

What are the causes of premature fastener failure> What can be done to minimise the risks?

Soldering partnership for improved accuracy

Robotics specialist to integrate different soldering heads

New fastening solution for thin sheet

These patented screws create their own female thread

New locking lever hinges

These have the usual hinge pin replaced by a bolt

Corrosion resistance at sea

The value of material selection for fasteners in the marine sector

Plastic composite compression springs

Increasingly, engineers are seeing the benefits of plastic spring technology.

Two part, thermally stable epoxy adhesive

Master Bond EP70CN is a two part, thermally stable epoxy adhesive formulated using a natural, renewable and sustainable ingredient.

Push-in fittings improve system safety

INOXLINE 17B - Eisele developed the successful INOXLINE stainless steel push-in fittings a step further. Optimisation of the sealing system eliminates gaps or grooves in the tube.

Non-corroding anti-vibration mounts

Stainless steel parts are for hygiene-sensitive industries as well as harsh environments

Streamlined component supply

Large generator design project to benefit



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