Non-corroding anti-vibration mounts

Louise Smyth

WDS Component Parts has extended its range of anti-vibration and rubber stop AV mounts by introducing stainless steel versions of most sizes and types. These are intended for use in applications where corrosion and/or hygiene are issues.

AV mounts can act in two ways, as a vibration dampener or as a shock absorber. They serve to isolate and reduce both noise and vibration on applications such as machines, engines and motors, compressors and control panels. WDS has introduced the stainless steel parts into the range to support industries such as marine and chemical manufacturing where contact with corrosive environments or aggressive chemical are likely. They will also be suited to food production, pharmaceutical and other industries where regular washdowns are required.

The non-corroding mounts are made in high grade stainless steel, but otherwise are identical to other mounts and stops in the WDS catalogue. They can be supplied in a number of different formats and sizes so that all application needs can be met. The range includes both male and female threaded mounts, bolt down and end stop designs and have a natural rubber finish.


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