New low odour methyl acrylate adhesive

Jon Lawson

Techsil introduce a new two-component high-performance structural adhesive from Panacol: Penloc GTN is an easy-to-process, methyl acrylate based, low-odour adhesive that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Penloc GTN adheres especially well to brass, ceramics, steel, aluminium, PVC and similar materials. The performance adhesive boasts a high power transmission capability and excellent thermal stability. It is both flexible and offers superior adhesion. Compared to other methyl acrylate adhesives, it has the advantages of a low-odour formation and a long processing time of ten to 15 minutes.

To allow effective monitoring of blending quality, the two components of Penloc GTN have different colours that, applied thinly, change to a grey, almost colourless surface as the blend cures. Penloc GTN can be conveniently dispensed from a handy 50 ml double cartridge or from drums connected to dispensing apparatus.

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