Internal affairs: Aircraft interiors designed for environmental travel

For aerospace designers it’s all about managing the flying experience while mitigating environmental damage

Wing work

NASA is heading a team trying to revolutionise how wings respond to aerodynamic forces

How do planes fly?

Over 5,000 aircraft are in flight throughout peak operational times per day. Hearing a plane fly overhead is such a common occurrence it is easy to forget how complicated it can be to make a plane airborne.



Bombardier to expand Canadian operations

Deal with Greater Toronto Airports Authority sees new Global Manufacturing Centre

Vistajet to put Global 7500 aircraft into service

Bombardier’s record breaker goes airborne in January

NASA & MIT Unveil New Wing Design

NASA, MIT, a team of researchers from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania, and the firm Qualified Technical Services have been experimenting with a new type of wing construction designed to flex in response to its flight requirements.

Additive manufacturing alliance expands

Industry/academia consortium is based at the Colorado School of Mines

Composites on aircraft improve performance but there are challenges

The rise in composites use on aircraft has not been without its challenges, as Dr Hao Cui from the Centre for Aeronautics at Cranfield, explains

Shielded industrial Ethernet patch cords have low-smoke zero-halogen jackets

MilesTek launches new Cat5e shielded industrial ethernet patch cords with low-smoke zero-halogen jackets

Future force measurement

John Cove explains the role of precision measurement for large scale manufacturing in the energy and aerospace markets

What power failure can teach businesses

Power distribution specialist ide Systems is calling for businesses to consider their power redundancy measures

Gearing up for take off

Graham Mackrell looks at the vital role low temperature gears play in the safe flights of aircraft. He highlights the key things that aerospace engineers and manufacturers must consider when selecting components

Flying high with obsolescence management

Darren Halford explores the importance of obsolescence management for designers, engineers and users of aerospace systems

Reliability even under challenging conditions

Fronius has developed a special housing for its Selectiva chargers

New research investment will shape aircraft of the future

Renishaw is contributing its additive manufacturing expertise to a new £17.7 million project led by Airbus

Research sounds out potential for silent airports of the future

Looks at sound transmission and how it interacts with structures using acoustic interference to reduce noise

Sensors for low torque and/or high bandwidth duties

Precise, dynamic measurement of rotary and static torque from 10mNm to 100Nm and for bandwidths of up to 50kHz

App simplifies on-the-go filter replacement

Access Luber-finer filter information on iOS and Android mobile devices

Multicore cable

Hybrid solution combines multiple cable options in single product



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