App simplifies on-the-go filter replacement

Louise Smyth

Luber-finer introduces a new mobile app that makes identifying the right filtration technology for light commercial and heavy-duty applications – and locating where to obtain it – both easy and convenient. 

The new app, which can be downloaded for free on iOS- and Android-powered smart phones and tablets, puts all of the information users need to find a Luber-finer filter right at their fingertips.

The new Luber-finer app features a user-friendly display that is optimised for viewing and interaction on mobile devices. Designed to be streamlined and practical, the app offers users these tools:

* Online Parts Catalogue: Search the parts catalogue to find the part number and specification details for any Luber-finer lube/oil, fuel/water, air, hydraulic, coolant or cabin air filter.

* Part Search: Type a Luber-finer part number into the app to obtain a part description, part dimensions and vehicle compatibility information.

* Cross Reference: Type the part number of another brand’s filtration product into the cross-reference tool to obtain a part number and part description for a comparable Luber-finer filter.

* Distributor Locator: Type in a ZIP code and select a mile radius to find nearby distributors.

* Save Favourite Searches: Save frequently used part and distributor searches by clicking a star on the part or distributor search results page. Quickly access these favorite searches in the future from a Favorites tab.

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