Multicore cable

Louise Davis

Molex, LLC has introduced Temp-Flex Multicore Cable, a customisable, multi-conductor hybrid cable. The cable uses Temp-Flex and Molex core competencies to combine fine wire, coax, twinax, triax, twisted pair, tubing and strength members in a single high-flex cable solution.

A multifunction design combined with high-performance construction allows Temp-Flex Multicore Cable to meet data, signal and power requirements in harsh environments and under critical conditions.

“A single application often requires power, data, audio/visual and coaxial cables but is constrained by space and environmental limitations,” said Kris Lower, product manager, Molex. “Also, the need to miniaturise multifunction cables for different functions can produce a tangled mass of cables. Temp-Flex Multicore Cables combine multiple components and conductors in a composite, compact design that provides space and weight savings and ease of termination.” Lower also noted that the cables employ specialty high-performance and small-gauge wire and cable.

Commercial applications for Temp-Flex Multicore Cables include audio/video, entertainment, in-flight entertainment, and instrumentation, while medical applications focus on diagnostic, imaging and surgical equipment. The cables are also suitable for aerospace and defence applications such as control centres, instrumentation, vehicles, radar, satellites and vision systems.

Jackets for Temp-Flex Multicore Cables include ETFE, FEP, PFA, THV, PVDF, Polyurethane and others. Applicable operating temperatures are dependent on jacket material: FEP jackets offer a range of -65 to +300°C; polyurethane jackets offer a range of -30 to +75°C. Jackets made from a new blended material have applicable operating temperatures up to 300°C.