The Future Of Vehicle Autonomy

Vehicle manufacturers are investing heavily in autonomy and the communications infrastructure required to make autonomous vehicles work, without compromising on user safety or cyberdata safety.

How Is Simulation Being Used In Automotive Design?

Instead of designing motor components one after the other, Porsche and Altair have teamed up to use simulation to do it all at once

What are the choices for powering next generation vehicles?

With piston engines still very much with us, alongside alternative fuels, hybrids and pure EVs, the powertrain industry has fragmented into a fascinating mass of technology choices



What Are Carbon Nanobuds (CNBs)?

Carbon nanobuds are a nanomaterial that enable 3D-shaped, smart touch surfaces. CNBs offer vehicle interior designers new opportunities to take advantage of 3D-shaped smart surfaces with physical haptic technology.

How will materials for additive manufacturing affect the transport industry?

How will materials for additive manufacturing affect the transport industry in years to come? Here, Ben Smye looks at the road ahead

Covering all angles of sensor validation

OxTS covers all angles of sensor validation. A new software feature called Multiple Sensor Points is providing easy real-time verification of RADAR and LiDAR sensors used in ADAS applications

Getting flour to the baker

Continental hot air compressor hoses for the safe discharging of silo trailers

Delphi and Cree join forces

Silicon carbide semiconductor technology research accelerates

How can range anxiety be tackled?

EV designer Horiba MIRA launches white paper detailing a practical response

VW invests in SeeReal to enhance AR offering

Research intensifies into augmented reality for display technologies

Research examines next-generation head-up display technology

Jaguar Land Rover leads project which could offer individual entertainment

EV chargers overtake petrol stations in the UK

Figures reflect growing EV popularity across Britain

Ten DB4 GT Zagato Continuation models now taking shape

Iconic Aston requires 4,500 hours of detailed labour

The only 1939 Corniche ever made rides again

How new technology revived a long-dead Bentley

Hyundai’s latest features a solar roof charging system

The new Sonata Hybrid is the first of many from the Korean manufacturer

Ford/Centrica partnership to accelerate EV use

Project in the UK and Ireland includes domestic wall charger installation



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