Autonomic response

Vehicle manufacturers are investing heavily in autonomy and the communications infrastructure required to make it work. Here’s a snapshot of the work going on behind the scenes

Parallel lines

Instead of designing motor components one after the other, Porsche and Altair have teamed up to use simulation to do it all at once

What are the choices for powering next generation vehicles?

With piston engines still very much with us, alongside alternative fuels, hybrids and pure EVs, the powertrain industry has fragmented into a fascinating mass of technology choices



Shape shifter

Carbon nanobuds offer vehicle interior designers new opportunities to take advantage of 3D-shaped smart surfaces with physical haptic technology, as Canatu’s CEO, Juha Kokkonen, explains.

Printing the future

How will materials for additive manufacturing affect the transport industry in years to come? Here, Ben Smye looks at the road ahead

Covering all angles of sensor validation

OxTS covers all angles of sensor validation. A new software feature called Multiple Sensor Points is providing easy real-time verification of RADAR and LiDAR sensors used in ADAS applications

Getting flour to the baker

Continental hot air compressor hoses for the safe discharging of silo trailers

The EV battery journey and its impact on the supply chain

Some thoughts on the role of fastenings in the bigger EV picture

Volvo and Uber unveil new autonomous XC90

Prototype is the next step in the collaboration between both companies

Electrify America and Walmart reach milestone

Over 100 ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stations are now operational

Brexit chaos hampers car manufacturing

Ongoing uncertainty dents confidence and investment

Britain welcomes first Ionity fast charger

This 350kW unit is in Maidstone, Kent

How to increase customisation in manufacturing

Automation technology for flexible automotive production

JLR accelerates aluminium recovery project

Brunel University scientists are checking material quality

How Will A "No Deal" Brexit Impact The UK Car Industry? The SMMT Speak Out

Is this the real cost of a ‘no deal’ Brexit to the UK car industry?

Tailored fibre placement technology is making carbon fibre a more viable option

Advances in tailored fibre placement technology are making carbon fibre a more viable mainstream option. Cheaper, stronger and far more adaptable, the manufacturing possibilities are vast, as Richard Harrington explains

Is This The Fastest Car Shape In Nature?

A teardrop is the inspiration behind the shape of this new coupe

Volvo's Polestart is having a smashing time

Volvo’s Polestar division is having a smashing time ensuring the first model will be up to scratch

Horiba MIRA answer questions on the state of the EV market

Richard Stocker, one of Horiba MIRA’s advanced energy research scientists answers our questions about where we are now with EVs and where we are going



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