High-voltage, wide temperature range Hall effect latch family

Provides various operating magnetic thresholds to address motor control, rotational position and speed sensing requirements

Linear motor rod-style actuators

Recently expanded ETT linear motor series from Parker offers high performance combined with precise control

To repair or to replace

Tony Young explains the key points to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace a servo motor

A piezo-based tool for every task

Doris Knauer discusses miniaturised precision stages with piezo-based inertia drives

New ‘heart’ for inverters

Highly dynamic drive tasks can now be executed even without encoder feedback

Severe-duty cooling tower motors with bearing current protection

These NEMA Premium Severe-Duty motors feature quality 100% cast iron construction for rigidity and reduced vibration

New electric drive technologies

GKN develops new eDrive technologies for advanced powertrain research project

Synchronous motors are tough and dynamic

Suitable centrifugal compressors in air separation plants or the oil and gas industry, large fans in the steel industry or power plants, and high-power pumps and pulp mills

Top 10 tips for industrial gearbox inspection and maintenance

To prolong the operational life of your industrial gearboxes, regular inspections and maintenance is essential

Customisable drives for precision applications

Users can specify gears, motors, encoder feedback systems, output bearings, sensors, windings, protective coatings and ingress protection ratings

Part-turn gearbox advancement

AUMA's latest part-turn gearboxes boast enhanced flexibility for sizing

IE4 savings for hazardous chemical process

Improving the energy efficiency ratings of electric motors is a worldwide goal, but exemptions in the regulations mean that for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres there is no obligation to implement the latest technology

Desktop piezo drive

Networkable for seamless integration with piezos and servos

Extending the life of large motors and generators

Prolonging the service life of these vital pieces of equipment can deliver significant improvements in their life cycle cost. Richard Emery looks at the issues and some potential resolutions

How efficient are your motors really?

Around the world, legislation relating to electric motor efficiency is tightening in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and damage to the environment. However, far less attention is paid to some of the practicalities. Here, Lucie Hodkova looks at how best to determine the efficiency of an installed motor

25 things you may not know about drives

Drives have been a key technology for industrial engineers for many years but Matt Handley thinks they can be underappreciated. Here he highlights some of the interesting facts about them

High torque density brushless DC motors

EC042B motor is available in three motor lengths with a continuous torque range of 11Ncm–31Ncm and a peak torque range of 35Ncm–99Ncm

High-performance drive in a small package

Maxon's latest offering aims to set new standards in micro drives



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