One-piece direct-drive motion solution

New brushless torque motor features integrated servo drive with encoder feedback

High-frequency ground straps

Complete the path to ground for damaging currents to protect variable frequency drives

Brakes are the ‘smallest on the market’

Warner Electric has developed a range of spring-set holding brakes. Mathieu Ruault reports

Soft starters and contactors

Soft starters are an economical means to ensure smooth start-up and stopping of electric motors

Ultracompact water-cooled motors

Offer 1.5 to 2.6 times the power density of conventional water-cooled motors, ensuring reduced heat dissipation and a smaller frame size

Shorter drive targets growing motion control market

Gear specialist Harmonic Drive UK has today launched a new gear component set for use in robotics and motion control

Brushless slotless motor

High efficiency magnetic circuit that reduces both iron and recirculation losses

Efficiency clarifications

Ensuring maximum efficiency from electric motors is a must, says Jonathan Wilkins

Ultra-compact PSD servo drives

PSD range is pitched at markets that include food and packaging, material forming, textile, paper, converting and plastics machinery

Efficiency as standard

Heikki Kervinen explains what the new energy efficiency standards mean and how you can benefit from them

Overcoming drive corrosion from seawater

Shellfish production centre takes new design approach for drives deployed in aggressive environments

Energy feedback reduces energy peaks

Unit installed as a separate component between the power supply unit and the inverter of the servo system and absorbs the regenerative energy. Oliver Endres reports

Linear drive technology aids PCB production throughput

PCB production equipment manufacturer develops a new machine designed to help increase the speed at which circuit boards are printed

Food processors shine with stainless steel motors

With ever more plant and machinery used in food production, storage, processing and logistics, OEM engineers are looking to design-in cleanliness. Motor expert Bill Bertram explores the issues

Fast metal adhesive for elevated temperatures

Mainly designed for bonding tasks in electric motors, including bonding of buried magnets, rotor packages, and shafts to hubs



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