New torque limiters to protect drivetrains

Jon Lawson

Reich Drive Systems UK has expanded its product portfolio with the addition of a new range of Torque Limiters. The new products complement Reich’s range of drive couplings, and could open up new opportunities across several market sectors.

Torque limiters provide overload protection to the mechanical drive-train, and are essential if significant damage and lengthy downtimes are to be avoided, in the event of a sudden increase in torque due to a mechanical failure or other event.

The new RR torque limiter range immediately disconnects the input side and driven side of the drive-train when an overload occurs, dissipating the inertia within the rotating components. 

During normal operation the torque limiter transmits the torque from the input side to the driven flange through a series of balls. These are located within indentations on both halves of the unit, and retained in position by compression springs. In the case of an overload situation, when the torque demand exceeds the pre-set torque value, the balls are pushed out of their indentations. Both sides of the drive-train remain completely disconnected and can rotate independently and freely.

Using a torque limiter improves safety and enhances the reliability of the machine to which it is connected. During normal use, if correctly installed and properly adjusted, the Reich torque limiter range does not require any ongoing routine maintenance.

A key feature of the RR range of is the ability to re-engage the drive by reversing the direction of rotation, either under power at slow speed, or manually, saving valuable time and improving efficiencies and up-times. Designed to be freely interchangeable with other reverse to reset torque limiters currently available on the market, the new Reich range can be delivered within 7-10 days from order.  

The range is available in four sizes and with torque settings ranging from 4Nm to 2,600Nm, depending upon spring types and the number of springs specified. They can also be used at temperatures between -200C and + 900C. In addition to the reverse to reset range, Reich also offer a number of friction disc and traditional reset mechanical torque limiters.


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