Motors and Drives

Drives for pallet conveyor technology

Pallet conveyor technology primarily requires economical drive solutions with high overload capacity.

High-resolution encoder

High-resolution encoder for high-precision positioning

Compact precision ring drive system

Can be optimised for high speed, high torque or both, depending on the application


Intelligent health care for industrial gear units

Predictive maintenance – intelligent health care for industrial gear units

New compact hydraulic brake packages

These have diverse uses such as for lifts, cranes, winches, amusement rides, conveyors, metal processing lines and ski-lifts

New closed loop linear actuator

These feature a ball screw shaft and nut assembly instead of a motor shaft

Updated electric motor housings

These flanged units are now available with condition monitoring and lubrication systems

Single stage helical gear unit

The new single stage NORDBLOC.1 helical gear unit from Nord Drivesystems is especially efficient, robust and quiet.

The invisible door opener

Showcasing a powerful drive system used to move lifts up and down

The best choice

David Proud explores a smooth path to drive coupling selection

Reaching new heights

A look at the motors that are powering world’s steepest funicular

The world in its hands

Grasping the next generation of robotics

Connected drives for production of the future

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be exhibiting its innovative drive solutions for digital factories of the future at the Hannover Fair 2018

Small and ready to conquer the world

Stefan Roschi details the flat motors that are powering an innovative new robot arm

Chain of command

Simona Lendelova explains why sourcing the right quality components is essential for the optimum performance of mechanical power transmissions

Part-turn gearboxes

Specifically designed to meet the requirements for basic 90° applications with standard industrial valves



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