Motors and Drives

Motors and drives for microplates

Microplates are rectangular blocks of plastic that contain an array of test tubes.

New bearing isolators for fully flooded applications

Garlock has launched its new range of Flood-Gard bearing isolators

The Trouble With Unplanned Downtime

David Proud discusses reducing the costs and consequences of unplanned downtime.



Using Roller Pinions In Robots

Engineers mesh Cartesian robot with roller pinion system for superior positional accuracy and repeatability

Drives for pallet conveyor technology

Pallet conveyor technology primarily requires economical drive solutions with high overload capacity.

High-resolution encoder

High-resolution encoder for high-precision positioning

Compact precision ring drive system

Can be optimised for high speed, high torque or both, depending on the application

Spherical roller bearings feature a built-in mounting system

These are designed to be installed in a quarter of the time

Decentralised drive technology for the digital factory of the future

The future of production is modular, flexible and autonomous. This requires new systems with decentralised intelligence, which can cope with the increasing complexity of the processes.

Improving Miniature Boreholes With Microcut Technology

How engineering experts working on improving miniature boreholes use advanced motors to build their machines

How does lubricant affect bearing torque

To help leverage the benefits of low-torque ball-bearings Chris Johnson explains the importance of lubrication

Supercars gain from new type of electric motor

The performance of EVs and hybrids is being unlocked by new electric motors technology, say the MD of Equipmake

Top tips for automotive valve technology

The experts who are setting out to bring intelligence to automotive valve technology

New singleturn and multiturn encoders

These are designed for direct drive applications like robotics

Machine tool motor line expands

These are for low speed, smooth and accurate rotation

High voltage motors and generators with low partial discharge

Designing high-voltage motors and generators with low partial discharge (PD) can be costly and fail to deliver reliability.



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