Chemical engineers talk sense about mixer efficiencies

Manchester University’s School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences is leading world class developments in energy efficiency in the process industries. Researchers have incorporated TorqSense transducers into a test rig that is analysing losses in in-line mixers.

New transducer measurement system

Single-phase or three-phase heavy current networks can be examined

What’s driving the development of future-proof SCADA?

Paul Hurst discusses what’s driving the development of future-proof SCADA

Explosion protection advances

Q-Rohr consists of an explosion vent with a burst indicator, as well as a stainless-steel mesh filter

How can an effective lubrication strategy can help maximise productivity?

Mark Burnett on developing an effective lubrication strategy to help maximise productivity

Transformative technology

Dr Jin Ooi reveals how discrete element modelling is revolutionising process industries

Five steps to zero downtime

Often, there is no way to avoid unexpected production downtime, however, there are ways to reduce the risk. Lee Sullivan gives his five tips for reducing downtime in manufacturing

Maintaining uptime

James Davey explains why preventative maintenance is so vital for these industries

Heat transfer systems: myth versus reality

Proactive maintenance and staff training are vital for heat transfer systems, says Clive Jones

Preventative maintenance for MCCs

Preventative maintenance prolongs motor control centre lifespan

Are IT and OT the new super duo for plants?

Adrian Swindells looks at how plant managers can manage the convergence IT and OT together, without any drawbacks

Safe lubrication for food applications

Cleaning product range designed to help maintenance and plant engineers reduce the chances of downtime in food processing plants

How do you maintain thermal fluid system assets to prevent risk of explosion?

Richard Franklin offers some advice on how best to maintain thermal fluid system assets to prevent the risk of explosion

DNA of decision-making

Robert Golightly on achieving operational excellence through rich data visualisation

Time to process some sound advice

Arne Berndt calls on companies to protect workers from occupational noise

Demand driven planning

Bob Davies discusses the potential of demand driven materials requirements planning and whether maintenance can be integrated into the process

The bread and butter of the food industry

Andy Owen looks at the importance of efficient handling and logistics in the food and beverage industry.



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