Plant Management

Prolonging the life of conveyor bearings

Highlighting the benefits that can be achieved by using Molded-Oil bearings from NSK, a British snack food manufacturing plant is saving more than €52,000 a year

How autonomous maintenance can benefit the shop floor

Some thoughts on the Japanese concept of total productive maintenance

Lessons in mass production

Robert Glass explains what can be learned from global manufacturing leaders such as China


CM and Industry 4.0

Although condition monitoring (CM) systems are continuing to prove their value in industrial applications, many companies are still unsure how CM should fit into their Industry 4.0 strategy and the automated ‘lights-out’ factory, says Ian Pledger

Condition monitoring techniques examined

Some thoughts on various techniques to preserve assets

Preventing downtime in process engineering

How pharmaceuticals can use the IoT to improve maintenance

Augmented reality for process engineers

Some thoughts on how new technology can aid training and maintenance

Why your process data might be useless

The potential of the IoT lies in the right approach, not just the right data

Tomorrow’s technology is with us today

Automation outfit launches whitepaper explaining the reality of IIoT for plant maintenance

Smart sensors for electric motors embrace the IIoT

Food, beverage and process industries could all benefit from better predictive maintenance

Is your factory ready for the future?

The questions manufacturers need to ask to future-proof for Industry 4.0. How can automation help?

Misconceptions in ready meal manufacturing

As interest in plastic wanes in the food industry, is it time for aluminium to fill the gap?

Making sense of industrial data

How the process industries can gain productivity and improve efficiency to stay ahead

Avoiding another carbon dioxide crisis

Predictive maintenance in ammonia plants could prevent another shortage

New high-resolution infrared camera

New high-resolution infrared camera for combustion chambers with small probe diameter

Exploring the world of virtual commissioning

How the process industries can benefit

Putting the AI into maintenance

Machine learning is streamlining predictive maintenance

Safe and sound

Is your smart factory secure?



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