Plant Management

New high-resolution infrared camera

New high-resolution infrared camera for combustion chambers with small probe diameter

Exploring the world of virtual commissioning

How the process industries can benefit

Putting the AI into maintenance

Machine learning is streamlining predictive maintenance


Safe and sound

Is your smart factory secure?

New batch of cleaning products launched

Also new defoamers and descalers for a host of industrial tasks

The competitive edge

Mike Houghton explains why process firms should look to go digital to get ahead

Purpose-designed parts cleaning tools

The application fields of part cleaning processes using aqueous media range from coarse through intermediate to fine and ultrafine cleaning.

The digital evolution

Charlie Barrett reveals how a process expert is using technology to connect to Industry 4.0

Safer by design

Chris Flower analyses the latest data on process safety in engineering design

Online analysis of odourants

When odour issues occur at an industrial site, rapid diagnosis must be done

Industrial cleaning hacks

Some thoughts on keeping things clean the easy way

Cutting downtime

What will the IIoT bring to maintenance strategies?

CSM extends life

Obsolete/end-of-life components are modified or replicated to support existing designs

Chemical engineers talk sense about mixer efficiencies

Manchester University’s School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences is leading world class developments in energy efficiency in the process industries. Researchers have incorporated TorqSense transducers into a test rig that is analysing losses in in-line mixers.

New transducer measurement system

Single-phase or three-phase heavy current networks can be examined

Explosion protection advances

Q-Rohr consists of an explosion vent with a burst indicator, as well as a stainless-steel mesh filter



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