New bulk bag container

This is for materials prone to solidifying

Dry vacuum pump line launched

These are designed to combine high pumping speeds with low power consumption

New industrial blender

The six port device is designed to create pastes and slurries

New motion control system for automation

This offers a standardised, integrated platform for the combination of servo and stepper motor technology

Fish process plant upgrades conveyors

New stainless system means overall efficiency is up 10%

New low profile bulk bag filler

This features explosion-proof controls

New thermoplastic polyurethane food belts

These are made to offer better hygiene and longevity

Innovations for wastewater pumping

Egger to showcase latest advances at Ifat 2018

Powder behaviour in metallurgy

FT4 Powder Rheometer supports metal processing industries

New chemical resistant flexible couplings

Faster, cheaper pipe joining cuts operational downtime

High Intensity Compact LED-UV Curing Spot Lamp

Small but Powerful – New High Intensity, Compact LED-UV Curing Spot Lamp. Techsil introduce the newly launched Hönle LED Spot 40 IC.

New flexible screw conveyor

Mobile solution for bulk bag discharging and manual dumping



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