Materials Handling

Making Bulk Solids Processing Plants to Work Reliably

The cost effective manufacture of products is usually considered to be based upon the efficiency of the (readily perceived) value adding steps that the powdered or granular materials pass through.

Multihead weighing machine

Suitable for harsh environments, such as fresh produce factories or frozen food processors

New cleanable magnetic separator

This is aimed at the food, chemical, ceramic and plastics sectors


Report provides guidelines for powder handling

Simulation process uses Discrete Element Modelling

New adhesive packaging and dispensing solution

This can be used for chemical anchoring, 2-component sealing and crack repair

Examining the impact of our diets

How we need to change to protect the environment

New range of flexible suction hoses

These are designed for the dirtiest of jobs

Clever cold store shipping container stays cool

Once charged, phase change material stays refrigerated for 120 hours

A strong bond for manufacturers

Plasma is a good candidate for aiding adhesives

German packaging law updates

There’s less than a month left to comply

New rotary lump breaker

This is for industrial applications, with a stainless version for food

New screw jack design guide

This covers capacities from a few kilograms to thousands of tonnes

Tougher testing for hoses

Dr Kristian Onken discusses how stricter standards require innovative solutions when it comes to hoses used for drinking water

Peristaltic pumps impress

Abrasive wear of piston diaphragm pumps at French WTP results in process change to peristaltic technology

Pump enclosure seals the deal

A standard vacuum pump enclosure impresses in a food packaging application

Superior pumps

D.J. Molenkamp explains why diffuser pumps offer advantages over volute pumps



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