Materials Handling

Making Bulk Solids Processing Plants to Work Reliably

The cost effective manufacture of products is usually considered to be based upon the efficiency of the (readily perceived) value adding steps that the powdered or granular materials pass through.

Multihead weighing machine

Suitable for harsh environments, such as fresh produce factories or frozen food processors

For food, the right packaging is crucial to reducing returns

Strengthening primary packaging could be more cost effective in the long run than secondary or tertiary protection


Motion tracking sports technology enters the factory

Engine assemblers wear special suits to have movements analysed by ergonomists

Cleaning expo to feature bilingual tech forums

Stuttgart's Deutsche Messe hosts the parts2clean event from 23 - 25 October 2018

Choices for workholding

Which is best for your next job?

New radio remote controls for hoists and cranes

These are designed for installations in hard-to-reach places

Pump range expands

New model combines benefits of an air operated diaphragm pump and an electric pump

New vacuum pump

This is oil-free and air-cooled

Increasing operational efficiency

The argument for contract packaging in specialist medicine

New bulk bag container

This is for materials prone to solidifying

Dry vacuum pump line launched

These are designed to combine high pumping speeds with low power consumption

New industrial blender

The six port device is designed to create pastes and slurries

New motion control system for automation

This offers a standardised, integrated platform for the combination of servo and stepper motor technology

Fish process plant upgrades conveyors

New stainless system means overall efficiency is up 10%



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