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Global welding robotics market showing signs of recovery after hard-hitting recession

Market earned revenues of $1437.9m in 2009 and estimates this to reach $2969.3m in 2016

MecSoft announces VisualXPORT for SolidWorks

Provides an enhanced workflow for companies that design in SolidWorks and use VisualMILL in their manufacturing process

Self-powered CO2 sensor

Gas Sending Solutions announces first commercially available wireless CO2 sensor for sustainable buildings

I/O connectors with data rates up to 120Gbps

Molex introduces Latest iPass+ high-speed channel CXP copper and optical products


Why designers should pay more attention to ergonomic issues

Far from being unimportant compared with a product or machine's function, good ergonomics can deliver a number of business benefits

Meeting tough emissions rules for small engines

When it needed fully functioning prototypes for an affordable, engine management system to impress a potential customer, Scion-Sprays Ltd chose the rapid manufacturing services of Proto Labs

Healthcare connectors for medical electronics

Healthcare devices and systems rely on the robust design and performance of their electronics. Serge Buechli reports

Why do engineers dislike potentiometers?

Potentiometers have been around for a long time and are still, by far, the most commonly used position sensor. So why does every design engineer seem to be looking for a non-contact alternative? Mark Howard examines this phenomenon and explains the pros and cons of potentiometers

How to minimise the cost of microelectronic testing

'More than Moore' and 'more Moore' are today's buzzwords driving the microelectronic industry. Advances in process technology allow engineers to create circuits with growing complexity and offering increasing functionality on smaller surfaces. Hans Manhaeve reports

Bonding fasteners suitable for composite panels

Bonding fasteners require no depth of material to provide a very strong and reliable fastening. Matthew Stevens reports

Anti-rotation solution solves the problem of spinouts

Ives Dekeyser outlines the latest developments for a mechanical fastener, specifically an anti-rotation solution for a demanding application

Screw jacks deliver benefits for diverse applications

Screw jacks are sometimes misunderstood and overlooked as a method of creating controllable linear motion. Jon Severn provides an overview of these useful mechanical actuators and takes a look at some recent developments in this field.

New control technologies reduce engineering time and component count

To compete with machine builders from regions where costs are inherently lower, designers in Europe are seeking ways to reduce both engineering time and component count. Jon Severn looks at recent product launches that will help design engineers to achieve these goals

Common architecture to simplify ac drives ownership

Ere Jääskeläinen reports on an ac drives portfolio built on a common architecture

A clearer view of how to exploit cloud computing

Design engineers and design managers may have heard the term 'cloud computing' but found it hard to establish exactly what it is - or whether it will help them in their jobs. Alistair Rae presents some answers to these questions and looks at what might happen in the future

Design freedom from a bottom up approach

Robin Weston looks at the benefits designers can achieve with additive manufacturing

Motor-mountable ac drives

Vacon 100 Motor Mountable AC drives is designed for extremely harsh environments

Compact power entry modules for safe power input

Suitable for use in equipment with limited space and demanding electrical and mechanical requirements

Precision spur gear range enhanced

Further enhanced with the addition of a number of different materials and cutting methods to offer the customer even more choice