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Direct part production continues to grow

Additive layer manufacturing accelerates automotive and motor sport component development

Life means life: protecting your future long-term

Simon Ellam from Siemens Industry Automation pinpoints a growing trend that is seeing companies base their control system plans around long-term lifecycle asset knowledge. More and more end users are turning away from proprietary systems that cause expensive and time-consuming legacy issues – putting barriers in the way of operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness objectives and CAPEX value

Growing profitably and investing in capacities and research and development

A European study reveals that managers forecast a major profit boost of 12 per cent or more; short-term cost savings are over. Dr Karl-Heinz Sebastian and Sebastian Strasmann report

Growing profitably and investing in capacities and R&D

A European study reveals that managers forecast a major profit boost of 12 per cent or more; short-term cost savings are over. Dr Karl-Heinz Sebastian and Sebastian Strasmann report

Microfiltration of aggressive chemical media

Chemifil cartridges have optimal pleat geometry to maximise the available filtration area and to provide high flow rates at low pressure differentials

Exd flameproof connection head

Sealed to IP68, the SCH50 can be specified with base or side entries as well as a display window option which allows the process value to be displayed

Mauritania keen to attract mining investment

SLR Consulting supporting Mauritania in the sustainable development of geosciences and mineral resources

All that glisters is not gold

Two instruments from SPECTRO Analytical can add the certainty of chemical analysis to trading in precious metals

Precision gas analyser for static fill-gas

Gases are transferred for analysis to the directly-coupled analysis chamber with integrated high-performance mass spectrometer

Napatech announces NEBS compliant adapters

Hardware design changes ensure that only passive cooling is provided without moving parts

V5 of MEDUSA4 2D/3D CAD available for download

Private and business users now benefit from the latest enhancements to CAD Schroer’s free 2D/3D CAD suite for Windows and Linux

Helsinki Chemicals Forum

Global chemicals forum attracts industry professionals to Finland in May

Telemetry system can deliver real-time crop data

RemoteCONNECT system also enables irrigators to monitor water-use quotas, set alarms to indicate high/low usage rates

Monitor used by mining company to check employee fatigue

ReadiBand is worn continuously like a wristwatch and runs on rechargeable batteries

Signal conditioner for general purpose laboratory testing

Meggitt Sensing Systems announces global launch of Endevco Three-Channel DC Signal Conditioner

Connectors deliver 'highest current-to-space ratio'

Molex Incorporated unveils EXTreme Ten60Power high-current connectors

Inverter series now with a 37kW maximum performance

Units enable out-of-the-box implementation for many standard industrial applications, says NORD Drivesystems

TFT-LCD module has viewing angle of 170 degrees

Format suitable for applications like video monitors for broadcasting as it requires a smooth conversion from full HD without degradation

Fixed-mobile data-traffic relief

Kontron updates 10G and 40G ATCA platforms for TEMs to build the 4G LTE EPC, IPTV and GPON infrastructure of 2012

In-house processing for semi-finished or final products

Services offered include high-definition plasma, oxygas profiling, bevelling, laser profiling, drilling and countersinking