Zero packet loss solutions for industrial WLAN applications

Paul Boughton

Moxa's Concurrent Dual-Radio Technology for zero wireless packet loss in industrial WLAN applications is designed with two independent RF modules to simultaneously transmit duplicate packets via two distinct channels can eliminate packet loss when wireless interference occurs.

Moxa’s AWK-5222 and AWK-6222 series industrial wireless AP/bridge/client devices feature Concurrent Dual-Radio Technology to achieve zero packet loss transmissions to provide safe and reliable communication for latency-sensitive applications.

Wireless interference can interrupt data transmission and cause packet loss when transmitting with single-RF devices. To reduce packet loss, many advanced wireless technologies provide dual-RF devices with mechanisms to effectively detect interference and automatically switch bands to restore communication.

However, this type of redundancy has limitations and can still experience packet loss when switching between channels. Moxa’s Concurrent Dual-Radio Technology is designed to transmit duplicate packets simultaneously on two different bands (2.4G and 5G).

When interference interrupts packet transmission on one band, concurrent transmission via the other band eliminates packet loss to ensure maximum data throughput. For safety-critical applications with zero latency tolerance, Moxa’s concurrent dual-radio transmission with interference immunity is what operators need to ensure real-time performance.

The AWK-5222 access point has successfully passed the conformity test for SafetyNET p and has been certified by Safety Network International e.V to provide proven redundant wireless link technology for real-time Ethernet connectivity.