Vehicle fuel cell technology to be tested in a power station

Jon Lawson

Honda is planning to use its fuel cell components from the Clarity vehicles in a stationary application at its Torrance, California site.

The proof-of-concept power station is a four-quad parallel generation system capable of producing up to 1152kW DC or 1MW AC via an inverter. The company believe that the market for fuel cell systems to power larger trucks and ships, as well as stationary generation, is expanding rapidly in America and is expected to grow to over US$86.7 billion annually by 2030. Data centres are being targeted by Honda as potential customers as disruption to supply can be so damaging to the servers.

The four-quad design offers owners flexibility to change the layout of the individual fuel cell units to suit the installation space, with different shapes to aid packaging. Honda’s aims with the project are to analyse the supply chain development, grid connection access, construction specifications and AC/DC connection requirements in a real-world setting.

The generator is set to come online in early 2023.


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