Thick film chip resistor dividers

Louise Davis

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new series of thick film chip resistor dividers designed to reduce space requirements, simplify manufacturing designs, and increase design flexibility in high-voltage industrial and alternative energy equipment. Available in a wide range of termination styles, materials, and configurations, Vishay Techno CDMV series devices offer working voltages up to 1.4kV and provide a single-component replacement for multiple discrete resistors used in voltage division applications.

Consisting of two resistors integrated into a single 2512 case size, the space-saving devices released today offer a wide resistance range from 10kΩ to 75MΩ, with maximum resistance ratios to 700:1 and tolerances down to ± 0.5 %. The chip dividers feature temperature coefficients of ± 100 ppm/°C and typical TCR tracking of ± 50 ppm°C.

For design flexibility, CDMV series devices are available with solderable, epoxy-bondable, and wire-bondable terminations in three-sided wraparound or top-only flip chip configurations. Solder-coated nickel barrier terminations are standard for the RoHS-compliant, halogen-free chip dividers, with gold, palladium silver, platinum gold, platinum silver, and platinum palladium gold terminations available.