Temperature probe offers extended performance

Paul Boughton

Variohm EuroSensor’s new ETP-AM-SP-IMC temperature probes feature 316 grade stainless steel housings with convenient M10 screw-in interfaces and integral Deutsch IMC ‘Ultem’ connectors for maximum durability and highest performance in demanding automotive, medical and industrial temperature measurement applications.

The new compact probes are available in both PT100/1000 and NTC10K sensor versions and with enhanced IP67 environmental sealing, offer improved working and short term temperature range ratings over competitively priced alternatives. Both versions encapsulate the sensor element in a 4mm probe tip to ensure a rapid response time and furthermore the materials and construction are UL compliant, which will help OEMs with safety certification.

Variohm EuroSensor has primarily designed the new ETP-AM-SP-IMC series for high accuracy coolant and/or oil temperature monitoring on performance autosports and special-purpose vehicles. But with its fast response time, wide environmental temperature range and excellent resilience to moisture, oils and chemicals, the sensor is equally well equipped for demanding medical and industrial applications. They may be used for example for measurement of liquids and gases in ambient environments where steam sterilising or intense washdown is necessary, such as medical autoclave equipment or high-hygiene processing machinery.

The PT100/1000 sensor version has options for PT100B and PT1000A elements with working temperature from -55 to +180⁰C - whilst the NTC10K version temperature range is slightly reduced at the lower end, to -40⁰C. Both versions have a short term rating to +230⁰C and response time in still water (t90) of just 7 secs.