New flash point recovery rig

Louise Davis

A UK thermal fluid system support, maintenance and risk management service provider has launched a new flash point recovery unit with the ability to provide process industry customers with an excellent degree of safety.

The MHTM 2500 freestanding portable thermal fluid flash recovery unit from Thermal Fluid Solutions (TFS) is able to recover both open and closed cup flash points – the minimum temperatures at which, in the presence of a source of ignition, fluids become flammable.

Although other units are able to recover closed cup flash points, relating to fluids within closed vessels such as thermal fluid pipes, the MHTM 2500’s ability to also recover open cup flash points considerably reduces the risk of fire or explosion should fluid escape from the system, for example due to leakage.

In addition to dual level safety protection, the new unit offers several other benefits. The portable rig can easily be moved by fork-lift truck between multiple systems on large sites, and precludes the need for the costly installation of equipment foundations.

The recovery process is quickly undertaken while the thermal fluid system is in operation and the process has negligible impact on host system parameters, therefore no downtime is incurred. Fully automated, the MHTM 2500 is able to operate unattended 24/7.

TFS developed the new rig in association with leading Italian manufacturer of industrial boilers and thermal oil heaters, Bono Energia, at a time when the firm is enjoying increasing demand for its recovery service.

Managing director, Richard Franklin comments: “A growing number of process industry firms are recognising that regular conditioning of thermal fluid is necessary to cost-effectively maintain vital fluid parameters such as minimum flash points, and so too legislative compliance. Our new rig increases our capacity as we work to help these firms manage their risk, as well as offering an unrivalled degree of safety.”

Although most companies in the process industry are aware that thermal fluid systems operating above the flash point of the fluid must be maintained according to ATEX and DSEAR legislation, many still do not appreciate that organic thermal fluids based on mineral oils degrade over time.

Degradation can cause a fluid’s flash point to decrease, as ‘lighter’ fractions with lower flash points than the heat transfer fluid itself are generated, reducing the flash point of the fluid overall, so that fluids that were not flammable at the operating temperature at installation become flammable.

TFS believes it was the first company to offer a thermal fluid recovery service, HTfluidfit, a quick, cost-effective, environmentally sustainable alternative to total fluid replacement, extending fluid life by a factor of at least 10, saving customers up to 70% of their thermal fluid costs.

The MHTM 2500 is available with a variety of equipment enhancement options to facilitate efficient operation across multiple systems. Monthly flash point testing, analysis, service contracts and running advice can also be provided.

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