Superior Signalling With Non-invasive Systems

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Claire Lloyd explains how non-invasive signalling systems can prevent unnecessary downtime

Over the past few years, considerable advances have been made in the performance and capability of pressure relief technology – essential safety components found within chemical processing plants. With non-invasive signalling devices, which make it impossible for the process medium to escape, processes with critical pressures and demanding media can also be reliably monitored.

For applications where compatibility with harsh operating conditions is of paramount concern, the non-invasive monitoring unit (NIMU) works well. NIMU is a reusable rupture disc signalling system designed for rapid notification of rupture disc activation even in the harshest chemical environments. The Rembe NIMU sensor is not in contact with the process meaning it is not affected by challenging process conditions or corrosive media.
The intrinsically safe unit is installed into a tapping within the outlet of the rupture disc holder, completely isolated from the process so it does not create any leak paths and is not damaged following disc activation – critical for chemical customers where leak paths cannot be tolerated.

Removing false alarms

With the traditional membrane type signalling devices, false alarms were unfortunately commonplace, as the harsh operating conditions could cause the device to activate even if the disc itself had not opened. This false signalling would cause unnecessary and costly process downtime. Unlike these traditional devices, the Rembe sensor is not negatively affected by the process.

Additionally, membrane detection systems are single use, meaning additional replacement costs. With the NIMU this additional cost is eradicated – it enhances overall dependability of rupture disc installations while reducing long-term expenditure. Not only is the signalling device fully reusable following disc functioning it is also reusable after routine maintenance checks.

Simplified maintenance

Easy to inspect during such maintenance routines, its closed circuit design allows it to be refitted into the holder by the same operator inspecting the disc, simplifying and quickening the maintenance process, a must to meet the demanding productivity requirements within the chemical processing sector.

When used in combination with the iQ Safety Cockpit the operator can be instructed in the event of a system disruption and can implement the relevant emergency management protocols. The affected employees can be individually informed of a process shutdown and co-ordinated response to identify the cause and get the plant back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Claire Lloyd is with Rembe

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