Hygienic pressure relief thanks to rupture disc design

Claire Lloyd introduces a rupture disc for applications with strict hygiene requirements

There are two main challenges for aseptic processes: firstly, sterility is not guaranteed with DIN or EN flanges, and secondly, existing system parts must be modified to integrate these flanges, which create undesirable dead spaces.

Cutting pipes, attaching new flange connections, flanging pipe sections with an integrated rupture disc and correcting suspensions if necessary – the to-do list of fitters is extensive.

Rembe’s KUB clean rupture disc with sanitary gaskets provides help. If a process is to be secured (retrospectively), an existing tri-clamp connection can be replaced by a KUB clean rupture disc without modifying the existing pipework. Fitters no longer need to do the tasks described above. This solution enables fast, simple and reliable process safety. The secret lies in the combination of a high-quality reverse acting rupture disc and a special gasket, which is characterised by durability and resistance. The integrated gasket in the rupture disc assembly is also particularly robust and corrosion resistant. If necessary, the tri-clamp connection can be opened and the rupture disc and gasket can be easily removed.

Rupture disc design with integrated signalling in mind

A major advantage of the KUB clean is that it can be supplied with integrated signalling to provide constant monitoring of the rupture disc as well as reliable notification of disc burst when connected into a process control system – all from one installation point, and as a single device. Thanks to the innovative design it is not necessary to route a cable out of the rupture disc holder, which avoids the need for a cable gland and thus leads to increased leak-tightness of the installation.

Whereas for conventional rupture discs and signalling the rupture disc had to be installed separately from the signalling device, the new rupture discs with integrated signalling can be easily installed and maintained as a single component. 

Rupture disc design meeting high standards

Fulfilling the hygienic standards and FDA requirements, the KUB clean with integrated signalling is quick and simple to install. Providing a completely leak-tight seal, the rupture disc with integrated signalling offers the most reliable burst notification under stringent, hygienic operating conditions.

Claire Lloyd is with Rembe.