Subsea bolt tensioners

Paul Boughton

Bolt tightening specialist Tentec Ltd's new Compact-8 series of subsea tensioning tools, comprising just eight tensioning tools to cover bolt sizes from ¾-in to 4-in, and are suitable for use on the majority of standard pipe flanges.

They can be used on many specifications of pipeline flanges including the newer SPO/Vector Compact Flanges, In addition to the conventional ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47-Series A, API-6A and API-17D flanges. 

The new COMPACT-8 tensioners have also been integrated into Tentec’s BTS (Bolt Tightening Software). The software saves engineers both time and money by allowing documentation for multiple bolted joint projects to be created quickly and efficiently and has the additional advantage that engineers can avoid the possibility of error that often occur with manual torque and tension calculations.

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