Strategic development partnership announced

Paul Boughton

Samil Power, an international manufacturer of inverters for private homes, industrial plants and large scale photovoltaic plants, has announced its strategic development partnership with an Augsburg-based Meteocontrol in Germany. 

"This new partnership with Meteocontrol is another strategic step in our consistent focus on our core competencies - the development and global distribution of our inverters. With Meteocontrol we have a future partner at our side, whose core competence, among others, is located in the area of monitoring of large-scale photovoltaic plants,” said Tobias Henne, Samil Power’s vice president product management & business development.

Henne added: “Together we will work on technical solutions that focused on the areas of data collection and data management of PV systems and energy management in buildings. Rounding out the collaboration is the official launch of our Samil Power data loggers and their extension modules that have been developed together with Meteocontrol in the context of the development partnership.”

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