Software upgrade for advanced magnetic inspection

Paul Boughton

MAGCAM has announced the latest version 4.1 of its measurement and analysis software MagScope. The program has been upgraded with new measurement and analysis functions, as well as improvements to the user interface.

The upgrades make MagScope even more suitable for the advanced inspection of permanent magnets of all kinds, whether in R&D, quality control, production of sensor systems, electric motors, medical devices and consumer electronics, etc.

New features include:

* Magnetisation angle deviation measurement using the now standard integrated Magfit analysis;

* Integrated Python scripting for pass/fail analysis, automatic logging, etc;

* Difference measurements using a reference magnet;

* Customisable window docking structure for easy management of the layout; 

* Selective disabling of control buttons for use by operators.

With a MAGCAM system, one single second measurement of the magnetic field distribution, using the company's magnetic field camera, is sufficient to obtain (through MagScope) a huge quantity of detailed magnet properties.

The measurement of the magnetic field distribution is only the first step. Innumerable information about the quality of the measured magnet is hidden. By using the right analysis algorithms, it is possible to extract a maximum of information from the raw data.
The Magfit software module, which is now a standard part of MagScope, compares the measured magnetic field distribution of a uniaxial magnet to an optimised theoretical model, from which it extracts a lot of extra quantitative magnet properties from the measurement data, including:

* Angle deviation and size of the remanence magnetisation vector;
* Deviation image from the field distribution of a best-fit perfect theoretical magnet;
* 3D position (X,Y,Z) and sizes of the magnet.

MagScope now includes a Python scripting module, which allows use of the analysis results of MagScope in an unlimited number of ways. The user can have his own scripts to run automatically in MagScope.

Typical applications include a pass/fail analysis on one or more analysis results, or logging the raw or analysed data in a csv file, for example.

Customer specific requirements can often be fulfilled by a Python script, whereby MAGCAM provides template scripts for the customer to adapt themselves. MAGCAM can also deliver a tailored script.

A Python script in MagScope has access to all the analysis results that were generated. This allows it to perform a pass/fail analysis on multiple analysed magnet parameters.  
MAGCAM offers service measurements as an alternative to the purchase of a MAGCAM measurment system, or a way to solve problems concerning magnet quality, by having the MAGCAM experts measuring and analysing your magnets.

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