Self-elevating platform

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Innovative system brings sustainability, low carbon footprint to small, shallow water fields.

Perenco Rep, Perenco’s DRC subsidiary, has announced the installation of another self-elevating platform system on the Mibalé Field, offshore DRC, the 11th of its type to be installed by the Perenco Group. The “Fololo” design (“flower” in Lingala), which was initially developed by Perenco for operations in the DRC, comprises lightweight floating pontoons and legs that can be self-elevated to the required height in a super simple, genuine and smart concept.

Perenco Rep’s historical offshore tripod platforms required additional space for well maintenance operations. Initially designed for work-over support, the Fololo was conceived as an alternative to the conventional options available for shallow water operations (<30m), which were jacket based and required a heavy lift barge for installation. The concept was to create a 20m x 20m self-elevating mini platform, complete with a crane and providing sufficient space for the necessary equipment and materials for well intervention work.

The Fololo was developed and allowed work-over teams to install electric submerged pumps (ESPs) without external assistance, giving the wells a second lease of life and boost in production.

A popular solution

The first Fololo system was introduced in February 2017 on the Mibalé field and led to the doubling of production from 2,500 barrels/day to 5,000 barrels/day. Based on this success, Perenco subsequently installed other Fololos in Cameroon and Gabon. Six years later, Perenco’s 11th Fololo was successfully installed on the Mibalé field to carry out intervention work on a water injector well.  Another was installed a few months earlier on the Motoba Field, also offshore DRC, which has already led to an increase in production of 650 barrels/day from an initial volume of 250 barrels/day. In parallel the Fololos have been used for compression, electrification hubs, support for new wells and any other requirement necessary to modernise and produce the shallow water fields Perenco is operating across the Gulf of Guinea.

The group’s teams are now working on deploying the concept in slightly deeper waters with additional capabilities, in the range of 40m to 60m to support the redevelopment of more fields.

Disruptive technology

Arthur Gueriot, MD of Perenco Rep, comments: “The Fololo is another example of a disruptive solution made by Perenco as an alternative to the technologies available on the market.  It is more cost effective and has a reduced impact from construction to the installation in terms of CO2 emissions, allowing small capacity wells to be optimised safely and more efficiently. Additionally, it is repeatable, small footprint, light and versatile.”

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