Sealing solution for compressors

Paul Boughton

Hoerbiger has developed a new rod sealing system for reciprocating compressors, the XperSEAL.

The basic idea behind the XperSEAL is simple. A pressurised volume of oil surrounds the reciprocating rod and is retained by specially designed oil seal rings. This oil barrier prevents pressurised process gas from leaking along the rod as long as the oil pressure exceeds the process gas pressure.

The higher dynamic viscosity of oil as compared to gases and the use of elasto-hydrodynamic effects allow optimal rod sealing and packing lubrication, while keeping oil loss to a minimum.

The required oil pressure for the packing is supplied by a hydraulic unit. The power supply and control of the hydraulic unit are provided by the ExBox-S, a central control unit that can be mounted in the hazardous area. It also monitors oil level, temperature and pressure. 

The XperSEAL packing provides absolutely gas-tight sealing and will be beneficial for compressors in a variety of applications.

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Hoerbiger is based in Vienna, Austria.

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