Solutions for control, supervision and economical maintenance

Paul Boughton
Hoerbiger is an active player in compression and automation technology for the process gas industry. Based on the concepts of reliability, high performance and efficiency, its product portfolio includes a wide range of key components for reciprocating compressors, such as:
* Non-return and pressure relief valves for protecting equipment.
* Piston rings and rider rings.
* Standard packing rings and very low-emission, durable BCD packing rings
* A wide variety of durable valves and highly energy-efficient CE ring valves.
HOERBIGER also offers solutions for control, supervision and economical maintenance that is specifically geared to the customer’s particular requirements.
The RecipCOM monitoring, protection and diagnostic system provides monitoring and preventive maintenance for a constantly reliable, safe and efficient operation of reciprocating compressors – in real time and SIL certified.
The HydroCOM capacity control system is the most proven and most efficient stepless control systems for reciprocating compressor in refining, petrochemical and chemical applications. Dynamic control of the intake valves achieves a high level of compressor efficiency for a relatively low investment. The system not only offers significant cost advantages and improved reliability in new systems, but can easily be retrofitted to any compressor.
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Hoerbiger Kompressortechnik Holding GmbH, Vienna, Austria.

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